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Wireless Application

Interactive Voice Response (IVRS)

Avon Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., (ATIPL) provides a proposal for a voice based solution along with the web-based CRM, which will get integrated to the existing database that of clients.

The Key features are:

 Easy Integration: Avon’s solution can be easily integrated with the existing database and application of Clients   and that of the PABX network.

 Call distribution configuration: It is of utmost importance that any incoming call is presented to the agent who is    best suited to assist the customer in his query. Avon’s solution can be customized to ensure that based on    parameters information gathered through IVR, Caller Identification, category and subcategory etc., and the call is    routed to the appropriate agent.

 Open Architecture: Works on Industry standard platforms such as Linux, MySQL.

 Administration Utilities: Administrators can set and modify call-flow parameters.

Avon offers an effective solution for call centers with as low as 4-10 calls and can scale up to 120 calls    per CTI server. More capacity can be added by increasing the number of CTI servers as required.

The key benefits of ATIPL’s solution are:

 Complete Solution
   -  Providing a comprehensive solution
   -  Extensive quality control and verification
   -  Rigorous testing
 Seamless project planning and execution
 Easy migration from the existing system to the new system
 A joint partnership approach

 Functional Overview

 Call Handling Capabilities
The solution will have the call handling capabilities for the calls made by the business associates or the customers to the toll free numbers across India, which will be routed to the central customer support division based at Hyderabad. The PBX will transfer the calls to the CTI server and the IVR system will take over. The IVR will provide the welcome message and will ask for the required information and will also provide the facility for directly connecting to an agent. After getting the required information (associate ID, category, subcategory etc.), the CTI server will provide the inputs to the Application Server. As per the response from the application server, the calls will be directed to the respective agent desk. The recording of the voice conversation will also be executed for individual calls and will be stored against the log information.

 Application Capabilities
The application will have the capabilities to provide web-based interface for various transactions, information, to provide inputs to the CTI server, providing the business rules for processing and to support the reporting facilities to the end users. The application will have the capabilities to provide the agents required information as per the call forwarded to the same. The application will maintain an organization structure and the respective processes attached to the same. The application system will have the security and privileges embedded to the same.

 Escalation and Resolution Capabilities
The said solution will provide an integrated escalation and resolution capabilities. As per the user privileges, it will provide the facility to see the queries, close or forward to the next level of escalation. The process will keep track of the individual queries and the time taken to close the same with the details of the individual process.

 Reporting Capabilities
The solution will provide an extensive reporting capabilities for all the activities executed. This will include analysis of various calls, queries and their performance in terms of closing time and the efficiency of individual processes. The application system will provide parametric reporting capabilities, where the users will be able to analyze information as per the parameters selected and the filtering criteria.

 Logging Capabilities
The application system will provide the logging capabilities for all transactions and activities including voice based calls. The logs can be analyzed and viewed by the user at a later point of time.

 Archiving Capabilities
The application system will provide the facility to archive the old data and will provide a facility to access the same as on when neded.

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