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Our Understanding:
Most enterprises today have implemented BaaN as the backend ERP at their HQ Locations.They also have remote branch offices, distributors, C&F agents, customer service divisions and factory locations spread across the geographies.

Major Challenge for the Enterprise 's today
Due to the existing client-server nature of the implemented system, the posting of data from these remote places directly in to the back end system requires additional investment and dedicated bandwidth for communication.

  Data pertaining to sales, returns, service, spare parts, stocks between HO and branch offices are today done    manually.
  Accounting data pertaining to receivables, sales, discounts, schemes, service etc is also updated manually.
  Time lag due to such information costs does not provide a real time picture of the data at any point of time which    leads to improper demand projection.
  A lot time by the Sales team and the service team is spent in trying to access information regarding inventory,    availability, delivery schedules, spare stock etc .

Solution Overview
  BaaN On Web: - Simplified Web Extension To BaaN for Branch Office/Remote Users
           -  For Sales Force Automation (e-CRM)
           -  Depot, Dealer/Distributor Management (e-distribution).
  SMS-Alerts & Notifications from BaaN
  BaaN On PDA: For Sales Force Automation/Field Service Automation on PDAs

Avon Proposes :Web Based Sales Force Automation- The Flexware :
  To serve as simplified web extension of BaaN for the regional offices.
  Serve as a simplified e-CRM and e-distribution system for the Branch office users, Dealers and Distributors to    post/retrieve data and information from the BaaN system.
  Other salient features of this system includes “ The Report Manager – To publish/print custom reports from BaaN”,    “The Roles Manager – Which defines the roles and privileges assigned to each user and “ The Security Manager”.

What Flexware can do?
  View customer records
  Post Sales Orders
  Check Inventory and Order to delivery status
  Product catalogue and pricing
  View Sales Reports
  Post Expenditures
     - Service Automation
  Customer Service History
  Technical manuals and references
  Post queries
     - Corporate and Administrative Resources
  Tour details and reports
  Knowledge Management

Our Value Proposition:
  A cost effective solution.
  Demonstrable ROI within 7-8 months.
  Better production planning hence 5-10% savings on Inventory holding costs.
  Sales Agents can concentrate on selling, prevent lost sales.
  10-20% lower communication cost (telecom) , mis-communication , human error etc.
  Can enable hand held computers (PDAs) at a later stage with minimal cost , as the      Flexware is already    mobile computing enabled

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