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Report Manager is a web-based information management and distribution solution that enables output generated by any business application to be securely delivered to recipients over the Web. Instead of having to print reports or needing to view output with proprietary client tools, users work with all of their documents via an intuitive browser interface. Ease of use features combined with immediate access to BAAN output ensures that workers become extremely productive with Report Manager.

Features Overview of Report Manager
It can access almost any data and format data into run type information. Seamless Integration with ERP results into web and windows applications. Enabling end users with report viewing, interaction, and creation.

  Data access
  Formatting and design
  Report viewing and interaction
  Application integration and deployment

Being able to create a report once, and slice and dice it many times, enables improved throughput for heavily burdened Baan application servers. These measurable savings ensure that it is not long before Report Manager for Baan Solutions has delivered a positive return on your investment.

 Eliminates performance impact of ad-hoc reporting
 Maximizes productivity by providing immediate access to reports
 Extends information access to a wider and broader end-user audience
 Removes latency from report distribution processes
 Reduces paper, printing and distribution costs
 Removes inefficiencies of expensive archiving systems
 Provides an audit trail of who accesses what, where and when
 Optimizes utilization of Baan client licenses

Security Plan of Dynamic Report Manager Utility

Three Levels of Security Plan:

Level 1: User level Security
Level 2: Network Level Security
Level 3: Profile Based Access

A solution like Dynamic Report Manager Utility  integrated with BaaN 4 C4 then lot of time effort and resources can be channelised and optimized in rational manner. The time to gather critical management reports can be reduced. User can generate reports on web extension for his particular task /nature of business with proper privileges by self-designation. Click here to know more.

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