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Why work at Avon Technologies?
Avon strongly believes that it's human resource is it's greatest strength. Avon spends considerable time, effort and capital towards nurturing this resource, and it is this resource that generates success for themselves as well as for the company Communication technology has never had a bigger impact on the very fabric of how business is done than today. Developments in this segment are fast paced and ever changing. Avon gives you a unique window to that new world.

Opportunities at Avon to learn and grow are endless, with a range of activities spanning
 Unified Messaging
 Middleware connectors
 Handheld applications
 Embedded applications
 E-Commerce solutions
 SAP Solutions
 ERP Solutions
 Mobile Computings
 SMS Solutions

We help leading companies redefine and focus their product lines and communication processes to benefit from the latest technologies. Avon is constantly on the look out for people who are:-
 Focused on customer satisfaction
 Self-confident enough to provide leadership and direction to customers
 Have a single-minded dedication to be the very best they can be
 Have the discipline and effort to make all of these things happen.

We offer challenging assignments, professional management, and ample opportunities to learn along with exceptional rewards.

Both current and past employees take pride in the fact they work with or have worked with Avon . To keep this tradition alive, we have a structured selection process. Our non-hierarchical structure and stimulating work environment promotes free flow of information and expertise.

At Avon, you will be involved with challenging work right from the start. We have interesting projects and prestigious clients, whose challenging demands will give you new skills, knowledge, and experience every day.

This is the happening world of Avon . We are an organization committed to our customers and our people, and we expect complete dedication and perseverance from you. As you learn and grow in your career, you gain new skills and expertise that will help prepare you for your next position. Avon considers each position level carefully and awards appropriate responsibilities as you achieve each new career goal. Our system of career achievement is built on several levels.

Team Member New entrants with less than one year of work experience may become a Team Member. Your primary task will be to gain experience with various tools and software development while developing software programs.

Module Leader After this, you will move to the role of Module Leader. A Module Leaderinteracts with customers in addition to developing software and leading his team. At this level, you will have the option of choosing between a technical and a consulting and business development career. You could choose one of the following:

Technology Specialist

Business Development

Project Manager Following the technical career path, a Module Leader progresses to the role of a Project Manager. As a Project Manager, you take charge of a project, set project standards, work to build customer relationships, provide technical assistance to the project team, develop a good work atmosphere in the project team, and work as an interface with other internal departments.

Technical Manager Based on performance and experience, Project Manager progresses to the role of a Technical Manager. As a Technical Manager, you will manage more than one project. Your primary responsibilities will include issues relating to customers, people, and business.

SBUs Later, you may aspire to head any of the Strategic Business Units. Organizations like ours that allow you to alter your career path midway to better suit your core competence are few. The opportunity to branch out into a functional or technical specialization will depend upon your interests and expertise.

Openings are available for :
SAP R/3, BaanERP,System Administrators,Oracle ERP Technical Consultants with XML, Java and Baan 4GL experience. Project Managers with Integration or Product life cycle Implementation Experience.

If you are interested , e-mail your resume to careers@avontechnologies.com

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