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Hyderabad 6
, 2005SSA Global™, a leading provider of extended enterprise solutions and services, had chosen Avon to design , develop and integrate India Localization Module for their latest SSA ERP LN 6.

SSA wanted a localization module to be quickly developed keeping in mind the architecture of SSA ERP LN 6 which is much more comprehensive and functionally compete enterprise system . SSA also wanted the vendor to study the existing localization module running on Baan IV C4 and consider the existing available features and add new features which are not available . SSA also wanted to explore whether technologically it can be built in a manner so that it can be utilized with other SSA products for India Localization .

Avon responded by suggesting that it can be built in the latest cutting edge technology of J2EE on Jakarta struts framework . Apart from maintaining openness to the module , which can be integrated with any other product , it is flexible .

Avon thoroughly studied the existing localization module on Baan IV C4 , which required in depth knowledge about working of Baan IV C4 Avon studied the architecture of SSA ERP LN 6 , which provided in depth knowledge of the working of SSAR LN 6 and accordingly built the localization module . Avon was successful in developing the localization module as per the requirements and deliver within time .  

About SSA Global
SSA Global™ is a leading provider of ERP solutions for manufacturing, services, and public organizations worldwide. In addition to core ERP applications, SSA Global offers a full range of integrated extended solutions including corporate performance management, customer relationship management, product lifecycle management, supply chain management and supplier relationship management. Headquartered in Chicago , SSA Global has 60 locations worldwide and its product offerings are used by approximately 13,000 active customers in over 90 countries. For additional information, visit the SSA Global web site at www.ssaglobal.com.

SSA Global™ is the new corporate brand for product lines and subsidiaries of SSA Global Technologies, Inc.

SSA Global, SSA Global Technologies and SSA GT are trademarks of SSA Global Technologies, Inc. Other products mentioned in this document are registered, trademarked or service marked by their respective owners.

For more information please visit www.ssaglobal.com.

About Avon Technologies
Avon Technologies is a leading provider of product and technology consulting services to companies around the world. Avon strives to create value for our customers by leveraging our industry knowledge, service offering, expertise and access to emerging technologies. For more information on e-Emphasys Technologies, please visit www.avontechnologies.com.

For inquiries, contact: Ashok Nandi.  ashok@avontechnologies.com

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