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Fleet Management
Large fleet owners feel the need of real time managing their fleets to optimize , communicate and rationalize their operations . Fleet management solutions combines both location determination technologies such as Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation and wireless data for the purpose of tracking, monitoring, and exchanging information between remote vehicles and fixed bases operators such as fleet managers.
This revolutionary Vehicle Tracking product integrates GPS with GSM. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a free-to-use global network of 24 satellites run by the US Department of Defence. Anyone with a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver can receive their satellite position and thereby find out where they are. GPS receivers collect the position updates from the satellites. These location updates are then sent as short messages to central collation server.
SMS is ideal for sending (GPS) information like longitude, latitude, altitude Speed, Direction, Monitoring Messages with additional space for vehicle registration details transmitted as part of the same short message.
A major advantage is that SMS uses the GSM network's signalling path.

Services Offered
  Positional Information Provides the current position of a specified vehicle or consignments.
  Reports Generates detailed reports indicating the location and duration of halts based on user specified criteria.
  Messaging Provides two-way communication interface between the driver and back office.
  Alerts Instant notifications generated on the basis of user specified events

Avon can also integrate third party route management solutions like Route Pro from SSA or any such solutions.

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