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Messaging Solution

The HexaAlert platform is a SMS Push & Pull based platform which interfaces with BaaN for offering relevant data to mobile executives, customers and partners.

Key Features of HexaALERT

  HexaALERT is a rule-based, notification and interactive alert management platform that offers an enterprise-class solution for sending notification and alerts from multiple, disparate information sources, including enterprise e-mail, legacy applications and third- party business applications for SAP, CRM, SFA, SCM and ERP, and handling interactive responses to these alerts.

monitors your applications for critical information and events and delivers custom notification and alerts to your users quickly and reliably. Notifications and alerts can be accompanied by additional information so that the users can take immediate and appropriate action at anytime, from anywhere. Each user controls where and when alerts are to be received, using any mobile device, voice telephone calls, pagers, fax or e-mail.

  HexaALERT interfaces seamlessly with any database/application for all real time event based notifications and alerts. Events that are to be notified /alerted are captured by HexaALERT and pushed as SMS/Pager notification/email notification/Fax or voice dial-out to the concerned worker. Using personal profiles, which can be configured over the web, and linking them to a personal calendar, users can also control how they are notified at different times of the day.

Highlights Of Hexaalert:
1. Choice of events on which to be alerted
2. Alerts can be generated for Specific actions or when a particular value crosses the threshold or critical limit, time     or to remain in effect for a specified period.
3. Re-alerts can be sent at customizable frequency.
4. Choice of different modes for alerts for different times in a day.
5. Option to use another communication channel in case of failure of one channel
6. User choice for Notification over:
    Mobile Phones, Email, Fax, Pager, Voice

HexaALERT System Overview


Capabilities of HexaALERT:
  Comprehensive Real time Messing:
  Flexible Application Monitoring
  Personalized User Profile Management:
  end Messages from the desktop to Mobile as SMS:
  LDAP Support with Single Integrated Login (Optional):
  Real-time Message Tracking and Logging:
 Optional Features of HexaALERT

1. Audible Alert – Provides audible notification that a problem has been encountered on a specific monitored item.     You can configure the type of sound (.WAV file or Speaker Beep) as well as select a custom .WAV file for the     alert.

2. Pager / Mobile Notification – This alert is ideal for manned installations where a human will be able to hear and     respond to the alert immediately. The pager / mobile notification is by far the most complex notification option     available. This area provides both modem based paging through various configuration, mobile alerts through     SMS or WAP browser as well as email alerts to be included in the escalation schedule.

3. Email Notification – Sends an email message via standard SMTP to through the select relay host to the     specified address or addresses.

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