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Migration Services

The software environment is developing at a very intense pace. The Platform providers are adding newer and newer features and releasing versions. While backward compatibility is normally maintained the level of support drops as time goes by and the need to leverage the newer features in the business process provide a case to the enterprise to migrate. Migration is not always as simple as it is made out to be and hence in many cases there is a need for special treatment of the migration plan.

Avon handles the migrations process carefully through proven project management principles by skilled resources. The various types of migrations that we have the expertise to handle are

Version changes:
As newer platforms are released we can prepare a detailed plan to help the Client make this migration. We have the skills to do the migrations of Java applications between version of various Application and Web servers Like Web Sphere, Web Logic, Oracle 9i, Apache, etc. Bhrigus has the expertise to migrate applications like J2EE, IVR . There may be need to replace deprecated methods etc.

Platform changes:
Due to various standardization and policy needs clients may feel the need to change the platforms on which the applications reside. Changes of the platform typically require changes in the application so that the application becomes standards based and removes all proprietary features that tie an application to a platform.

For more information, please email us at info@avontechnologies.com

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