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Mobile Computing:

Our Product is based on world-class J2EE platform based on MVC architecture. Using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies, Avon 's effort is part of a Radical Openness strategy, to offer customers the flexibility to deploy the Enterprise Web using the application servers, security system, content repository, development environment, search engine and operating system of their choice.

Mobile application performance and ease of use are vital for both sales and service force effectiveness and adoption. Sales and Service representatives will quickly stop using a solution that is slow or difficult to use. Mobile Sales features industry-leading technology for the fastest synchronization and on-device performance available today. The solution employs a smart client architecture that stores all data locally, on-device, so navigating through the application is extremely fast even with large data sets. The smart client architecture also ensures that the application is always accessible with or without a wireless connection. Further, FLEXWARE patented synchronization technology updates only information that has changed and employs compression to make both wireless and cradle synchronization quick and reliable. Mobile Sales also features an intuitive user interface (UI) that is workflow configurable to each organization's unique workflow and sales process without expensive customization. This simplifies navigation and allows data to be accessed and call reports to be submitted with as few steps as possible.


Mobilizes all key sales and corporate resources
 Configurable Data Connector for any industry standard enterprise backend database package.
 Web Interface portal
 Configurable Data Connector for ERP, CRM & legacy systems

High performance
 Smart client architecture for fast on-device performance with large data sets
 Patented, State-of-the-art synchronization technology for fast, reliable synchronization

Handheld optimized
 Effective use of small screens for user friendly GUI
 Engineered exclusively for handheld devices
 Blackberry, Palm OS, Linux based and Win CE Pocket PC support
 Accessible via GSM /GPRS Wireless and land cradle synchronization

Fully configurable and customizable
 Configurable to any Workflow system
 Highly customizable through SDK Rapid deployment & low TCO
 Configuration Application & Business rule engine Service Manager
 Administrative Console

Key Benefits and Value Prepositions
 Solution power with FLEXWARE middleware for compatibility with any BI/CRM /ERP/Legacy systems for greater ROI    and Seamless Integration.
 To Improve productivity and effectiveness of field sales and service representatives.
 Reduce costs of sales and service by eliminating inefficient paper-based processes.
 To Improve data quality for forecasting, ordering, performance evaluation and customer for service requests.

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