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Avon successfully develops leading edge applications by focusing on each client's specific business objective, with an emphasis on integrating into the existing environment.

Every opportunity is different With our Internet Development System, we deliver consistent results on time and on budget. The Internet Development System provides a methodology, integration framework, and existing modules to facilitate the rapid deployment of complex fully integrated applications.

Our application development services range from software analysis, design, development, and testing, to the implementation of application systems in a production environment. We are highly skilled at learning new, proprietary application systems and subsequently providing enhancements, support, and integration assistance.

Avon has expertise in numerous third and fourth generation languages. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of utilities and methodologies. Avon also has a great deal of experience in database management systems, particularly those that implement the relational model. Some representative examples of our expertise include ORACLE, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, RDA/VMS (ORACLE), Microsoft Access, Paradox, Sybase, Focus POSTGRES and INGRES.

The role which Avon plays in each application development project is dependent upon the client's needs. We can support projects by providing an on-site consultant to supplement the client’s staff while utilizing the client's hardware and software.

Customer relationship management (CRM)
Mobile devices make it easier for account managers to speed the ordering process by having the latest product inventory levels, features and prices at their fingertips. Those providing service at a remote customer facility can automate their invoicing, have ready access to training materials, and manage schedule changes more effectively, thereby reducing downtime and wasted trips.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

These systems provide the information and core services that support the internal operations of a business. Making these services and this information available to people without their having to return to their desktop PC can help improve productivity and reduce costs. Certain vertical markets have high concentrations of mobile professionals and are already experiencing improved efficiencies from the use of mobile devices. Some of those vertical industries and the types of applications they are deploying follow.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Describes the discipline of optimizing the delivery of goods, services and information from supplier to customer. Typical supply chain management goals include production schedule streamlining, inventory reduction, pinpointing of bottlenecks, and efforts to
improve order response time.

System Integration

As a Systems Integrator Avon partners with a number of software vendors to provide trained implementation and integration resources for network deployments.

Enterprise Portal

The enterprise portal has moved beyond its roots in role-based content management to become a core component of software architecture—the universal interface for enterprise applications. That puts portal development plans center stage in overall enterprise technology strategy, and it raises the stakes for software suppliers to extend deployment and integration platforms with
a standards-based presentation layer.

Avon has done portal development for Z-Directory a Thailand based company.

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