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The world is heading offshore.......
Offshore IT workers have experienced a tremendous three fold increase.
They have received high satisfaction level.In years to come about 80% of the world's computer programming will take place offshore.
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Offshore outsourcing has a lot of advantages:

Economic Advantages:
Offshore outsourcing reduces operational costs by 40% of the organizations.As a result of cost savings the free capital is used for new projects and other development works.One can focus on other business competencies by leting the offshore partner focusing on improving operational IT efficiency.

Quality Advantages:
offshore service providers have achieved the highest levels of industry-accepted quality credits.The end product is predictable delivery.Achieving such high levels of quality in-house is typically a labor-intensive and therefore costly process.Offshore partner solves this problem by lowering cost resources,by using latest technology ,by assuring quality develpment process.

Flexibility Advantages:
Team sizes can be quickly altered according to the business needs. This avoids the cost of expensive new recruitment or hiring contractors.Time difference between the customer sites and offshore site can be used as an advantage to the fullest.

Focus on core business:
Since software development is done off-site, the management of your company, freed from managing outsourced software development, can focus on the core activities. Using outsourcing our Clients don't spend time and effort to create an infrastructure for developing complex applications

Expand your technical resources:
Shift responsibility for maintaining appropriate staffing levels and technical skills required to meet fluctuating business conditions to the outsourcing provider. Changes in technology are now the responsibility of your outsourcing provider.

What can be Outsourced?

Likely candidates for outsourcing are:
  Infrastructure Management & Support (IMS)
  Infrastructure Hosting
  Custom Development of Applications
  Packaged Implementation of Enterprise Applications
  Post-Implementation Support
  Help desk and Software support
  Maintenance and Enhancements of Legacy Systems
  Release Updates
  Data Cleansing
  Rewriting of Core Systems and re-architecting efforts
  IT Strategy
  Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Outsourcing the middle or later phases in the process of software development such as implementation and maintenance make better business and economic sense
Such projects require limited interaction between the in-house IT department and the other business units or departments.

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